Previous Supported Artists and Companies

Action Hero
Ad Infinitum
Adam Fuller
Adam Kammerling
Adam Peck
Alan Williams
Alex Goodman
Alex Hykel  
Alex Jones
Amelia Sears
Amy Mason
Anna Freeman
Anna Harpin
Anna Ledwich
Annie Siddons
Apocolyptic Circus
Barker & Larkin
Bea Roberts
Ben Brimstone/Scott Todd
Ben Crowden
Ben Osborn
Bert & Nasi
Brenda Waite
Bristol Design Assembly
Bucket Club
Byron Vincent
Caroline Hunt
Charlotte Melia
Chris Gylee and Emily Lim
Chris Redmond
Christopher Kowalewsky
Corina Bona
Craig Edwards
Craig Norman
Dan Canham
David Lane
Derek Frood
Devils Violin
Dom Coyote
Dom Rowe
Duncan Speakman
Ed Patrick AKA Kid Carpet
Ed Rapley
Eleanor Fogg
Elizabeth Westcott
Ella and Nicki
Elspeth Penny
Emma Keaveney-Roys
Emmal Earle & Toby Farrow
Fionn Gill
Fye and Foul
George Gotts
Germain Loud
Greg Glover
Greg McLaren
Greg Shewring
Greg Wohead
Hannah Sullivan
Hattie Naylor
House of Blakewell
Huge if True
Hugh McCann
Ian Morgan
Ian Summers
Idiot Child
Impermanence Dance Theatre
In Bed With My Brother
Inspector Sands
Invisible Ink
J Liam Axe
Jack Dean
Jennifer Bell
Jesse Britton
Jimmy Whiteaker
Jo Bannon
John Hegley
John Wright
Joint Venture
Jon Welch
Jonathan Priest
Jonny Fluffypunk
Jules Maxwell
Justin Cliffe
Kerry Hood
Laïla Diallo
Laura Dannequin
Laura Neal
Lee Coombes
Les Bubb
Liz Mytton
Lucinka Eisler

Lucy Kerbel
Maisie Newman
Malcolm Hamilton
Malcolm Head
Massive Owl
Matt Ball
Matt Grinter
Matthew Anson
Matthew Steer
Mercè Ribot and Angus Barr
Mercurial Wrestler
Michael Bell
Miranda Cromwell
Miriam Battye
Morgan Lloyd Malcolm
Multi Story Theatre Company
Natalie McGrath
Neil Haigh
Neil Paris
Nick White
Nik Partridge
Nuala Honan
Olivia Winteringham
Open Sky
Owen Ridley DeMonick  
Pauline Morel
Penny Gunter
Peter Reynolds
Pins and Needles
Pip Hambly
Publick Transport
Rachael Mfon
Racheal Clerke
Rider Shafique
Ryan O'Shea
Saikat Ahamed
Sally Jenkinson
Sam Halmarack
Sarah Moody
Seamas Carey
Search Party
Shaelee Rooke
Shagufta K. Iqbal
Shanty Theatre Co.
Shiona Morton
Sian Owen & Amy Hodge
Silvia Sermerciyan
Simon Panrucker
Sita Calvert Ennals
SMITH Dancetheatre
SOLO Contemporary Performance Forum
Souq Studios
Stand + Stare Collective
Stewart Wright
Stu Mc & Howard Coggins
Sue Timms
Susie Donkin
Sylvia Rimat
The Coterie
The Dearheart Ensemble
The Mechanical Animal Corporation
The Mighty Beast
The Paper Cinema
The Sum
The Wrong Crowd
Theatre Orchard
Theo Fraser Steele
Theo Scholefield
Tilly Webber
Tim Bell
Timothy X Atack
Tin Shed
Toby Hulse
Toby Parker Rees
Toby Smith
Toby Thompson
Tom Marshman
Tom Philips
Tom Wainwright
Tongue Tied
Tony R & Tom M
Tristan Sturrock
Twisted Theatre
United Artists
Unstable King
Vanessa Kisuule
Verity Standen
Vic Llewellyn
Viki Browne
Wardrobe Ensemble
Wattle and Daub
Wilkie Branson
Will Adamsdale
Willy Hudson

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You can invite us to your work by emailing us. We generally need as much notice as possible to make it along (4 to 6 weeks ideally). Unfortunately as a small team, we can’t get around to see everything, but we catch as much as we can. Our open calls will go out on Twitter (@BristolFerment), on our website and through the monthly Forum newsletter, so keep an eye on all our channels.

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