Current Available Opportunities / Open Callouts

Becoming a Supported Artist

Unlike the free-to-join Forum, Supported Artists & Companies are selected by the Ferment team through two routes:

  1. Invite us to your work. Email us here including as much detail about the work as you can. We’re a small team and we can’t make it along to everything, but we see as much as possible and we review invitations weekly.
  2. We have regular open calls for opportunities. These happen a few times a year and will be clearly advertised.

To learn more about what we are looking for in our Supported Artists and how you can become one, read our guide.

What support do we provide?

The ways in which we help Supported Artists are varied and bespoke, and often involve a combination of the following:


We offer artists residency days or weeks at the BOV to come to us and develop their work here, with support from our team.


We offer match funding towards R&D or production. We aim to raise a pot of £50,000 every year, and this organised into three different levels of support. You can read more about our commissioning model in our Supported Artists Guide.


We offer Supported Artists a programmed run in one of our theatres.

Ferment Fortnight

We offer Supported Artists an opportunity to share work-in-progress with an audience as part of our bi-annual festival. You can see what we’ve programmed in the past here.


We offer the chance to escape with us to the countryside (somewhere like Hawkwood College) to undertake R&D.

Producer support

We offer the support of the Ferment team to help with strategy, funding applications and anything else that a Producer can be useful for.

Other opportunities

Now and again, we receive some support to deliver a specific opportunity (e.g. our Leverhulme Scholarships or Jerwood Producer Bursaries). These often address a specific area of artist support and will be publicised on our website and through the Forum.

Contact Us

You can invite us to your work by emailing us. We generally need as much notice as possible to make it along (4 to 6 weeks ideally). Unfortunately as a small team, we can’t get around to see everything, but we catch as much as we can. Our open calls will go out on Twitter (@BristolFerment), on our website and through the monthly Forum newsletter, so keep an eye on all our channels.

To join the Ferment Forum and mailing list, click here. To find out all about becoming a Supported Artist, click here.