GUNSHOW by CONNOR MACLEOD  (Bath) Gabe is a Middle American child of the internet – searching for her spotlight in a vast sea of vloggers and unboxers. It's tough and addictive, but Gabe needs those hits and a USP to get them, so… "Welcome to Gunshow".

THE DISSOCIATION OF SHIRLEY MASON by ISABELLA CULVER  (Bath) Shedding new light on the real 1950s case of a girl with sixteen different personalities. Shirley Mason (aka Sybil) became a victim through diagnosis, while her therapist and a journalist brought her case to international fame. Set in America during a time when psychiatry went rogue, what was the truth behind her condition?

MILLIE AND GEORGE by LIZ MYTTON  (Bristol) When they fall for each other Millie and George know 1960s Jamaica isn't ready for two women in love. Kingston's hotel and club scene provides some cover, but dangers run deep and superstition abounds. As daughters of the Empire could they leave for the utopia England seems to present?

OUR BLOOD IS AN OCEAN by JACK SANDERSON-THWAITE  (Bristol) Tonight John is attempting an exorcism and he needs your help. He's been haunted by the Incan priest Rascar Capac ever since he first saw him in the Tintin books. It's time to put a stop to it, but there's so much that could go wrong. One man, a microphone, and a room full of ghosts.

MR MAGLUMP a musical by BROOK TATE  (Bristol) "Watch out for No.9" they whisper. On a street where everybody knows their neighbour, one man stands apart – Mr Maglump. Behind his door lies a rather marvellous secret which could turn the town upside down, and quite possibly the right way up. Just one brave child has the courage to find out what it was, or who it was, that put the glum in Maglump.