THE M WORD by JASMINE WARD  (Dorset) | @jasiswriting                     

It’s the year 2040 and twenty-five year old Cassandra Jakobs is certain she’s pregnant with the second coming of Christ.  In a world full of internet trolls and naysayers can she stay true to herself, and convince the world that salvation is near?

ST JOWAN'S TIDE by FELIX LEGGE  (Hampshire) | @FelixLegge

Bry Lark’s Cornish mussel farm is in on the rocks: commercial trawlers have taken business and the London-based owner wants to develop the land.  When Bry pushes the rivalry with local fishermen too far, a chain of events is triggered which threatens to destroy even more than Bry imagined.



Hot Flushes - BHS Croydon branch is closing but there’s no closure for Annie in Womenswear, not even in the stoic lyrics of her favourite country songs.  That’s until a chance meeting in the  fitting room with a member of the National Rifle Association.  Annie has a lot to learn from the Round Rock chapter of the Well-Armed Woman…

Laminated - “How did it come to this?  How did I miss the clues?  This story began seven years ago but built to its grisly climax in the two weeks before Christmas, to a soundtrack of screeching breaks and something far worse: The Greatest Hits of West Life…”  Inspired by the testimonies of couples with high needs kids.


PARZIVAL by STEPHEN CONNOLLY  (Cirencester) | @SteveConnolly3

Alison’s farm holds a secret... but is it the conspiracy theory young Dan is seeking?  His clumsy arrival forces Alison to finally reveal her version of the truth to daughter Emma.  Torn between Dan’s awe inspiring theories and Alison's alternative, can Emma turn the situation into an escape and reality of her own?

DAMNATION ALLEY a musical by DAVID PODMORE  (Plymouth) | @dylan_I_aint

On his return home from war, George Mariner, an American sailor, falls drunkenly into a world of blackmail, betrayal and murder amidst the squalor and debauchery of Plymouth’s notorious Damnation Alley.  It’s 1806, the town is fuelled by drink and patriotic fervour, and barkeeper Bess Bridges is driven to the edge by the vengeful leader of the press gang.

Additionally, ongoing script editing support to Dionne Draper and Tom Dewey