£35 (£96 including RETHINK. & REBOOT.)

The morning session is all about taking a moment of pause to check-in with the world and explore new insights on a range of topics and stories.


Linda Geddes 
Science journalist and author Linda Geddes – Reflecting on our pivotal relationship with light.

Stephanie Campbell
Eye specialist and creative technologist Stephanie Campbell – Reflecting on A.I and the future of healthcare.

David O'Mahoney
Ex soldier David O’Mahoney shares his near-death story and explores how we can all  become better equipped to deal with whatever life throws at us.

Rupy Aujla
GP Rupy Aujla asks why medical students get so little training in nutrition and explains why our plates are the key to wellbeing.

Andres Roberts
Andres Roberts explores an alternative to the relentless pursuit of growth and consumption in leadership, showing how nature shows a better, very necessary way.

  • 11:30am


£35 (£96 including REFLECT. & REBOOT.)

The afternoon session takes a deep look at things that need to change and proposes break-through thinking on what we could do better both individually and as a society.


Aisha Thomas
Educator and campaigner Aisha Thomas – Rethinking representation in education and beyond.

Neciah Dorh
Scientist Neciah Dorh – Rethinking bacterial resistance to antibiotics, starting with urinary tract infections.

Tegan Vincent-Cooke
Young entrepreneur Tegan Vincent-Cooke challenges the negative perceptions around being a person with a disability or anyone we perceive as “different”.

Drew Benvie
Leading social media practitioner Drew Benvie reflects on the impact social networks are having on our lives and how we can rethink our relationship with them.

Holly Stoppit
Dramatherapist and real life clown, Holly Stoppit explores the importance of play and curiosity to improve mental health and combat isolation.

  • 3:00pm


£35 (£96 including REFLECT. & RETHINK.)

The evening session is all about moving forward with positive, tangible action. These are stories about the things we can do – big and small – to kick-start the change we want to see.


Fi Radford
Septuagenarian and active member of Extinction Rebellion Fi Radford – Rebooting what retirement means in the face of climate catastrophe.

Paul Wiseall
Entrepreneur and ‘digital death’ expert Paul Wiseall – Rebooting the way we deal with online immortality in an age of fake news and cyber fraud.

Chloe Ball-Hopkins
Freelance journalist and archery champion Chloe Ball-Hopkins challenges the fashion industry to make fun, comfortable clothes for the UK’s 14 million consumers who have a disability.

Stephanie Healey
Psychotherapist and sex educator Stephanie Healey wants the online generation to get access to fair, fun and correct information about real life sex.

Muneera Pilgrim
Muneera’s spoken word performance explores Bristol’s stories, sounds and soul.

  • 6:30pm