5 minutes with King Arthur: Don't Lose your head

5 Jul 2024

Hey…you! Yes you! Let me (Edgar) tell you about the greatest show the world has ever seen.




Edgar, Osbert and Dave

Myself, Osbert and Dave have been charged by King Arthur himself to create a spectacular show that will give birth to the legends of King Arthur. If we fail…he’s going to lop our heads off so, you know, no pressure. 

Have we any experience of theatre? Well…no, BUT we have spent enough time researching the characters of Camelot to know that there is gold in these hills! Merlin, his wife Vivian, Belin and Balan, Lancelot, Gawain and the Green Knight, Guinevere, Morgana, Mordred and even….A Riddler. 

We will portray all these characters through the theatrical device known as ‘multi rolling’. Yes we haven’t really rehearsed and yes we are just humble squires BUT we have the passion and energy to jump headfirst into delivering a show which will not only save our lives, but create a legend that will echo through eternity!

Please come and join us and uhhh yeah, please clap. For if you don’t…on our heads be it!

Find out more about King Arthur here