Competition: Get your drawings on stage in The Nutcracker!

6 Sep 2022
The Nutcracker At Bristol Old Vic in Theatre 2022

Are you a budding artist? Do you love getting covered in crayon? Do you want your drawing to be on stage at Bristol Old Vic this Christmas?!

The designer for our Christmas show The Nutcracker is looking for your help. We’re after children’s drawings to decorate the giant front curtain that hides the stage at the start of the show. 

All the drawings should look like they’ve been drawn by our heroine, Claire, and we’ll transform them into giant versions that look like they’ve been drawn on a blackboard for everyone to see!

Here’s what you need to do...

Draw your designs in dark crayon on white A4 paper. Each image should be on a separate page. They should be simple line drawings - no colouring in.

 Here’s a list of the pictures we need. You can chose as many of these to draw as you like. Or just one – it’s up to you!

  • A house like this – don’t forget the tree!
  • A moon with a clock in it
  • A sun with a clock in it
  • A fairytale castle made of grandfather clocks
  • A clockmaker
  • A unicorn
  • An evil Minnie Mouse
  • An evil mouse king
  • A sad clown
  • A princess with curly hair
  • A queen with a crown made of spoons
  • A king with a crown made of sausages
  • A plastic toy dog
  • A toy baboon with a spoon
  • An action man soldier
  • A lemur with a furry tail
  • A film star teddy bear

Send your drawings in by Thursday 29 September by post to:

Christmas Design, 
Bristol Old Vic, 
King Street, 
Bristol BS1 4ED 

Or email them to

The director and designer of the show will chose the final winning pictures and the drawers of the 10 best pictures will each get two tickets to the dress rehearsal to see your pictures used for the first time.