Garage "Chewns"

1 Aug 2022

Summer is time for the Edinburgh Fringe and Bristol is represented with the amazing, Ferment supported show Opal Fruits from Holly Beasley-Garrigan.

It’s a one-woman show about class, nostalgia and five generations of women from one council estate all with the help of  pick ‘n’ mix and UK garage -  so when the heat started getting to us last week, we came up with a sweet-themed playlist to keep you company while sipping something cool and refreshing. 

Top 6 Sweet Themed Garage ‘Chewns’… 

1) Sweet Like Chocolate  - Shanks + Bigfoot

2) Straight from the (Love)Heart – Doolally

3) Woman Trouble – Artful (Jammy) Dodger

4) 21 Seconds – So Solid Chew

5) (Love)Heartbroken – T2

6) Skittle Bit of Luck – Artful Dodger

Listen to the tunes and check out the playlist here!

Opal Fruits comes to Bristol Old Vic this September. Find out more