In the Light Everything is Brighter | Meet Dominic

22 Jun 2018

With their debut show on the horizon, we're getting to know each of the 12-strong company who make up this year's Made in Bristol company, WILDERBEAST. Next up, Dominic Coll!

Tell us a little about yourself and how you made it into this year’s Made in Bristol company. 
I’m Dom. I’m one of the musical directors in this year’s company. Joining this year’s Made in Bristol has been something I have aspired to do for years; hearing the excitement coming from former years and declaring that this is what I had to do. It is sort of a part of a lifelong affinity with the Bristol Old Vic that started when I was 6 years old with the Young Company and has carried through for the last 13 years up to now where I’m lucky enough to be making work with 12 disgustingly talented people.

What’s been your top  moment of Made in Bristol so far? 
It’s so hard to pick. I found it incredibly rewarding to go into primary schools and lead theatrical workshops because we essentially taught them our favourite games in a drama space and they seemed to embrace the chance to use their imagination and play freely. It was such a privilege to see.

What does WILDERBEAST mean to you? 
It feels really special being in the rehearsal room with everyone. It feels special seeing all the work we make whether it’s Beki scrambling around and eating cake off the floor or the finished scenes that end up in our show. I feel personally way more confident in my composition and devising abilities and I feel really lucky to be part of WILDERBEAST.

Is there anything exciting you can reveal about this year’s show?
Our show will be an honest exploration of what we’re scared of and our aim is to use our strengths in music and visuals to create something beautiful to which the audience can connect and feel comforted that it’s okay to be scared.

What are you looking forward to on completion of the course?
When this year is over, other than being absolutely gutted, I will be so happy to have met these 12 unique artists that I am determined to work with in the future. Going forward, my ambition is to be a musical director because this year has helped me discover my passion for writing music for theatre and I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to write some music for our show with Nell.

Give us a quick fun-fact about yourself!
I still have to do the 'L' thing with my hands when someone says left or right.

This year's Made in Bristol company return to 1532 Performing Arts Centre to present their visceral new show 18–21 July. For more information and to book tickets, click here.