In the Light Everything is Brighter | Rehearsal Diary - Week 3

3 Jul 2018

As intensive rehearsals continue, WILDERBEAST's (Made in Bristol 17/18) Imogen Downes breaks down all the latest developments from In the Light Everything is Brighter.

And so we finish another week of rehearsals! Week 3 was a big one, because we finally announced our show name and image. I can now officially confirm that WILDERBEAST will be presenting In The Light Everything Is Brighter18 - 21 Jul at 1532 Performing Arts Centre!

The name was inspired by a free writing exercise we completed earlier in the year. We particularly liked it because the show is quite dark, but also gives the piece a sense of hope. It feels amazing to finally kick-start the full campaign and start spreading word about our show.

This week we also made a final decision on our set, which was very exciting. Our designers Chris and Lydia have done a fabulous job, and the rehearsal room is starting to fill up with little bits of furniture and props to play with. The stage at 1532 Performing Arts centre is really big, and we wanted a set that works with that and fills the space, as well as something that can build and shift to follow the main character’s story. I can’t give anymore details now, but be sure to grab a ticket for a look at the final thing!

In terms of devising, we spent a lot of time working more ensemble moments into scenes this week. We’re really keen to use the venue's big space to our full advantage, including our 13-strong ensemble as much as possible. It really heightens certain moments, and makes the show visually much more interesting. We’re lucky to have such powerful performers in the cast, and it’s great to start seeing everyone pull this thing together for the stage.

This year's Made in Bristol company return to 1532 Performing Arts Centre to present their visceral new show 18–21 July. For more information and to book tickets, click here.