In the Light Everything is Brighter | Rehearsal Diary - Week 4

11 Jul 2018

As we ready ourselves for its arrival, WILDERBEAST's (Made in Bristol 17/18) Imogen Downes shares the latest shenanigans from In the Light Everything is Brighter rehearsals.

What a busy rehearsal room it’s been this week! WILDERBEAST HQ has been bustling with people as we’ve started showing material to some outside eyes. We’ve had two sharings, and it’s been mega exciting to get some feedback on what we’re creating. Our audience have responded with laughter, tears, and lots of great fresh ideas and possibilities for us to take forward. Their feedback has been so valuable, and we can’t wait to move forward with it!

Wednesday morning was a big one for our writers Eli and Beki as they handed out copies of our final scripts. They’ve been working day and night to get every scene sounding great, and they’ve done a really brilliant job. It felt amazing to do our first read through together. Now to start learning lines!

Towards the end of the week we spent some time devising a scene at the end of the show where our main character’s world starts turning upside down. WILDERBEAST’s favourite thing to do is make theatre that’s a bit dark and bonkers, so we were in our element! We ended up throwing around paint, water, and wallpaper, and made a right old mess of ourselves and the rehearsal room. The clean up admittedly wasn’t as fun, but I think we succeeded in creating something that shows just how surreal and unsettling this character’s life has become.

Next week is our last in the rehearsal room, so everyone’s working at maximum power. The band are filling the room with music, more and more costume and set is appearing, and our directors continue to stroke their beards in the most creatively thoughtful manner. Full steam ahead!

This year's Made in Bristol company return to 1532 Performing Arts Centre to present their visceral new show 18–21 July. For more information and to book tickets, click here.