Treasure Island: Then and Now

30 Jun 2022

Avast, landlubbers! On 19 July, we're welcoming Le Navet Bete with the silliest pirate adventure on the Seven Seas (or should that be Severn River?)

But did you know, it's been 79 years since we first staged the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale? In fact – Treasure Island was one of the first productions staged by the brand new Bristol Old Vic Company, way back in 1943! 

We had a dig around in our archives, and wouldn't you know it – we found some weirdly similar photos of our two Treasure Island productions. Grab your telescope and clamber up to the crow's nest to see if you can tell which picture comes from which production...

Credit for all archive photos: Theatre Collection

1. Who remembers Pop-up Pirate?

2. Canon... Fire extinguisher... same diff.

3. Just a man telling off his invisible parrot

4. "Which one of ye scurvy rascals swapped me sword for a mop?"

Set a course to Bristol Old Vic from 19 - 30 July to catch these silly sausages in action! Book now for Treasure Island