Zog Q&A

26 Mar 2024

We couldn’t be more excited for everyone’s favourite dragon to take flight on the Bristol Old Vic stage this Easter holiday.

We managed to find some time in Zog’s busy schedule to find out a little bit more about the delightful dragon who’s all heart. Have a read below!

1. Thanks for flying in, Zog. What are your friends from Dragon School up to these days?

They all became teachers because Madam Dragon was so amazing and kind. Teachers are the best – they change lives!

2. What was the most important skill you learnt?

How to be kind to everyone. School can be pretty tricky – but kindness goes a long way.

3.What did the King serve you for tea?

We had cake! And scones and jam with cream. And milk. And chocolate. And Pearl had Green Tea. Gadabout asked for a large flagon of mead, but made do with some lemonade, when I reminded him, we have to be ready to fly at any time.

4. As the Flying Doctors’ air ambulance, do you get time off or are you on call 24/7?

I get quite tired flying around the world with Pearl and Gadabout, but we are always there if anyone needs our help. We are the NHS – the National Horn Service! 😃

5. Do you still land with a bang, crash, thump, or have you eventually perfected a more graceful descent?

Oh… I am very good at taking off and flying but ‘No One Taught Me To Land’. That’s a lovely song in our show by Joe Stilgoe, who has written all the songs.

Madam Dragon was wonderful, but she did forget to explain landing. So, there is quite a lot of bang, crash, thump. I want to be the perfect ambulance… taking off, flying AND landing. I just have to keep practising! Practise makes perfect.

6. Are you looking forward to your visit to Bristol?

I want to fly over the Avon Gorge and the Clifton Suspension Bridge, walk over the Clifton Downs, maybe surprise people on Park Street with some low flying, and dip my feet in the harbour...

But most of all, I want to land (hopefully gracefully 🤞🏼) in King Street, walk into the Bristol Old Vic, and see lots of children. I will think how lucky I am to perform this wonderful show in this beautiful theatre… can’t wait!

Zog and the Flying Doctors, presented by Freckle Productions, runs at Bristol Old Vic across the Easter holiday (2–14 Apr, with a Relaxed Performance on 9 Apr at 10.30am and a BSL show on 10 Apr at 1.30pm).

Photos: Mark Senior