With one of the UK’s foremost scenic artists at the helm, Bristol Old Vic Paintshop is a thriving hub of creativity. With scenery and cloths delivered at the very highest of quality, we welcome the opportunity to talk through any projects brought us no matter what size or scale.

As an example of the breadth of work we complete in the Paintshop, we have recently completed everything from 18th Century Opera Cloths through to bespoke installations into the Brecon Beacons. Please see the gallery below to get an idea of the work we have been completing.

Bristol Old Vic Paintshop is also a home for bespoke, aged signage creation. Should your way-finding need to be historic in feel yet clear and sign written, we are the place to speak to. Recent projects have included a major sweep of the signage at The SS Great Britain’s boat yard and examples of our work are included in the gallery below. 

Please contact with any enquires.