Ben Vardy

With The Wardrobe Ensemble: RIOT (National Theatre, UK and US tour); 33 (UK and US tour); 1972: The Future of Sex (UK Tour); Education, Education, Education (Trafalgar Studios, UK tour); The Star Seekers (National Theatre, The Wardrobe Theatre); The Last of The Pelican Daughters(Bristol Old Vic, Pleasance); Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain (Bristol Old Vic); South Western (Tobacco Factory); The Time Seekers (The Wardrobe Theatre); The Wind in The Willows (Corby Cube); Eliza and the Wild Swans (The Bike Shed Theatre); Sense (Bristol Old Vic).


Other theatre includes: Two (Bristol Old Vic); Closer Each Day (The Wardrobe Theatre); The Memory Chefs (JW3); Scene and Heard (Theatre Technis).


Film includes: Cosmos.