Samuel Fox

Samuel Fox is a multi-instrumentalist with a wide-ranging repertoire spanning Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Indie-Folk, and Pop. Deeply ingrained in Bristol's music scene, he has thrived in Jazz, Nu-Jazz, and instrumental Hip Hop circles, excelling in improvised music. 

Operating his own studio, Samuel not only produces other artists but also crafts his own music, with a solo project (mossfellow) dedicated to Indie-Folk. He is known for his collaborations and dedication to exploring multiple musical styles, actively contributing to Bristol's dynamic music community.

 Artists/Bands that Samuel currently performs with are: Brook Tate (Birthmarked), Lemfreck (Noctown), t l k (Severn Songs), Slowe (Tru Thoughts), Tamasene (Nice Guys), Supalung, Family Business, Komposa, Suntou Susso and Richard the Fourth.