17 Jun Headliner: Silky

Paul ‘Silky’ White is a comedian and musician from Liverpool. Since 1994 he has avoided adulthood, wealth and financial security by doing something he loves instead. Providing "honest, heartfelt, slickly-delivered, irresistible and, yes, occasionally disturbing stand-up" (List) you'll have seen Silky on the Stand-Up show on BBC1, The World Stands Up on Paramount, and The Comic's Lounge (AUS). "Cryingly funny" (Bath Chronicle), he was a finalist in the 2019 Musical Comedy Awards, Leicester Mercury Awards and BBC New Comedy Awards, the Double Liverpool Echo Arts & Entertainment Award Nominee and the Stand Comedy Club ‘Good Egg Of The Year’.


★ ★ ★ ★

The gems that be found in tiny rooms, eh? He’s like your funny best friend – only funnier.

The Herald

Supported by: Katie Pritchard

Get ready for some high-octane musical comedy fun from carnage-wielding, storm-stud of a snazzy-idiot: Katie Pritchard. Expect incredible (very hand-made) costumes, chaos, and some pumping choons in a high-octane romp through Katie’s synapses; enjoy observational comedy from a completely different angle. 


★ ★ ★ ★

Sometimes surreal, often unusually perceptive, and always original and entertaining

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