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Cyrano | Baby-Friendly Performance | Tue 5 Nov, 10.30am

We are now programming select early morning performances for certain shows. This is to provide an accessible performance time for visitors who may only be able to attend early in the day, including parents/carers with young children. Anyone is welcome to book for these shows, but at these performances expect:

  • Higher numbers of very young children
  • Greater likelihood of baby-based noise
  • The show sound may be at a slightly lower level than a typical performance
  • Lighting in the auditorium may be kept at a low level

We hope that carers of young children will feel less pressure to have a perfectly-behaved child, and feel comfortable to either leave or stay in the space as needed throughout the morning matinee.

Our general Babes in Arms Policy for all other matinee and evening performances can be found here.