Women's Rally Request

Circa: May 1942

The public appeal reminded Bristolians that the Theatre on King Street still existed, but the trustees weren’t sure how to use the space whilst they raised the funds to buy it back from Mr Davey. This led to some unusual suggestions, including Edith Somers’ request to host the Bristol & District Federation of Townswomen’s Guilds’ Civics Rally at the Theatre. The Pump Room in Bath had already declined because of fears that it would bring "an influx of people" into Bath as the Guild expected attendees of 500-600 women. 

Given its recent resurrection in the public’s minds, we theorise that the Theatre may have been suggested as a possible host venue. While we can’t prove whether the rally took place in this space, it's thought-provoking to consider how the Theatre may have been used during its most financially-unstable period.