A look at the Costumes | Starter for Ten

7 Mar 2024

With Starter for Ten now the hot ticket in Bristol, we took a peek inside Set & Costume Designer Frankie Bradshaw's sketch book at the explosion of 80's costume designs that have been so carefully translated from page to stage by our brilliant team in the Wardrobe department. 

Frankie talks us through her inspiration...

19 year old Brian doesn't have a huge amount of fashion sense, and just bobs about in his jeans and battered green flash trainers. He's decided though to take his Dad's old jacket to university with him, for a bit of extra love and luck. 

Professor Bowman is incredibly sorted and together, bringing some much-needed glamour to the educational world. She wears big earrings and an 80's power suit, to make an impact when she arrives in the classroom.

Rebecca is cool - understated, but bringing the grunge vibes of the 80's to her protesting. 

Spencer is smart and well dressed, compared to the scruffy jumper clad students he meets in Bristol. He is a proud man who takes pride in his appearance, even though he doesn't have a lot of money. 

Irene is the iconic mum of the 80's, all pastel colours, big hair and statement earrings. She is a joyful, friendly image, full of warmth and heart.

Young Brian in his pyjamas were inspired by the jazzy children's nightwear of the 70's. They also pick out the colours in the curtains, linking him to the University Challenge TV studio world that he loves so much.

Alice is a bombshell, both in the day, and even more so in the night. Inspired by the luxury and glitz of Madonna's Material Girl, Alice is decked out in a very 80's coral satin dress for the date with Brian, and then has a variety of pink and gold looks for other scenes. Brian is instantly wowed, as he's never met anyone quite like her.