Step Into The Dr Semmelweis Opening Night Celebrations!

31 Jan 2022

We were excited beyond belief to officially open Dr Semmelweiswith press night this week! 

We'd normally throw a big old bash to celebrate afterwards, but with thousands of you looking forward to seeing the sell-out production we wanted to keep our cast and crew as Covid safe as possible.

They did, however, manage to sneak in a few well-deserved toasts with family and friends after the show. Here are our stars revelling in their hard work!

Mark Rylance (Ignaz Semmelweis) with Assistant Director Victor Lirio

Jackie Clune (Anna Müller) and Clemmie Sveaas (Lisa Elstein)

Antonia Franceschi and Sandy Grierson (Jakob Kolletschka)

Alan Williams (centre, Johann Klein) and guests

Artist Hannah Broadway, Felix Hayes (Ferdinand von Hebra) and guest

Joshua Ben-Tovim (Hospital Porter/Death), Roseanna Anderson (Marja Seidel/Baroness Maria Teresa) and artist Tom Marshman

Salome Quartet

Roseanna Anderson (Marja Seidel/Baroness Maria Teresa) and parents with Suzy Halstead (Violet-May Blackledge)

Dr Semmelweis runs until Sat 19 Feb, with a few tickets remaining. Book now!