Ferment Fortnight Preview | Negging

21 Jan 2019

Ferment Fortnight returns to its rightful Studio home this January! Here, Tom Wainwright of The Sum gives us an inside look at their upcoming sharing Negging. Catch it Sat 26 Jan.

I'm Tom. I'm a writer. Sometimes an actor. Most of the time a tree surgeon. I'm 38. A dad. 

We are doing an idea called Negging: a collaboration between a writer (me) a director, a dj, an mc, a dancer and an actor. It's about people trying and failing and occasionally succeeding to connect with each other. It's a love story obvs. Director Emma found a bunch of stuff online about pick up artists. It was pretty gross. I then read The Game (rank) the pick up artists' bible.

Then we got onto the idea of the decodification of attraction, be it pick up artist twats or dating apps and swiping etc. And also faced up to the fact that we're getting old, and much of how young people attract each other and communicate goes over our heads. Same as it ever was. So we thought we'd question our ignorance of this stuff. Well, mine.

What Ferment means to me? Can of worms my friend...

Ferment Fortnight commences at Bristol Old Vic 22 Jan - 2 Feb. For more info and to book tickets, click here.