In the Light Everything is Brighter | Meet Imogen

18 Jun 2018

Meet Imogen Downes, the author behind the Made in Bristol show rehearsal diaries, and find out all about what gets her theatre senses tingling...

Tell us a little about yourself and how you made it into this year’s Made in Bristol company.
My name is Imogen and I am Bristol born and bred! Theatre has always been a huge passion for me, and I joined the Young Company a couple of years ago in an attempt to make some links with the Bristol theatre scene. I was very keen to get involved with Made in Bristol – it’s a great opportunity to learn and make new work with like-minded people.

What’s been your top moment of Made in Bristol so far?
There have been a few moments when we’ve created something – be it a scene, song, character, concept – that we’ve all been so excited about. That’s an ace thing to be a part of. Everyone is so energised and there’s real pride the comes with making something we love. There’s a little bit of all of us in it.

What does WILDERBEAST mean to you?
WILDERBEAST means being surreal, playful, bold, and a little bit dark...

Is there anything exciting you can reveal about this year’s show?
There’s going to be a really great red light.

What are you looking forward to on completion of the course?
Having a show! To finish with a full length show that we have come together and created is going to be an incredible achievement. We are working so hard to make something we’re all proud of, and to have something that is completely and utterly ours is going to be amazing.

Give us a quick fun-fact about yourself!
My natural hair colour is pink.

This year's Made in Bristol company return to 1532 Performing Arts Centre to present their visceral new show 18–21 July. For more information and to book tickets, click here.