Made In Bristol: Five Beautiful Things

29 Apr 2021

Made In Bristol is a group of twelve young people aged 18-25 who become resident at Bristol Old Vic for two days a week for one year. This year's cohort have put together April's edition of Five Beautiful Things, featuring loads of goodies that you can access for free:

1. Deaf Rewind: Culture

"This programme shows the rich but largely unrepresented Deaf culture that exists in our history. As a young Deaf performer, this history inspires me to seek new genres and styles and show our Deaf identity in the arts and theatre, in order to communicate to the world that many d/Deaf people’s lives are not about medical intervention or confronting communication barriers but about being part of the Deaf community.

"Growing up, I didn’t see enough work focusing on Deaf culture and very few people like me represented in the media. I hope the programme Deaf Rewind: Culture on BSL Zone helps you understand my vision of something of the culture I would like my future projects to hold."

Watch Deaf Rewind: Culture here.

2. People Watching by Winston Rowntree

"A few years old now, but possibly more relevant now. ‘People Watching’ is an animated web series of shorts produced with It consists of series of honest and frank conversations about how we view ourselves and how we affect and are affected by the world around us. A refreshingly real look at fears and doubts we all have, and all try to hide."

Check out the Cracked – People Watching playlist here.

3. How Clowning Can Lead Us Into Connection by Holly Stoppit

"Holly Stoppit is a wonderful clown from Bristol, and here is her wonderful Ted Talk. It's filmed in the BOV, and discusses her journey in performance, the joy and healing of clown, and not listening to your inner critic – if you can!"

More clowning around with Holly Stoppit.

4. Sleeping is like Death by Chiharu Shiota

Sleeping is like Death, Chiharu Shiota solo exhibition 2016 – Galerie Daniel Templon, Brussels, Belgium Credit: Isabelle Arthurs

"I readily admit I know next to nothing about Shiota, but I know I love her work! I saw a photo of her 'Becoming Painting' performance and was hooked - bright bloody reds are in a lot of her work, sometimes flowing and organic, sometimes regimented and taut. I find her work very emotive and love in particular her huge installations that you can walk through."

Learn more about Chiharu Shiota.

5. Grounded with Louis Theroux – Michaela Coel

"Everyone loves Louis Theroux, everyone loves Michaela Coel. With lockdown, I've been binging on podcasts at an alarming rate. I particularly love the Grounded with Louis Theroux series because he does a deep dive with famous people that aren't overly public with their lives. Even if it's a guest you've never heard of before, they always have really insightful talks about their experiences."

Listen to Grounded with Louis Theroux.

About Made In Bristol

Made in Bristol is designed to give young theatre-makers an opportunity to train together, to become workshop leaders, facilitators and theatre makers, creating work that can reach out across Bristol and the South West, engaging with other local arts organisations as well as performing their own piece of work at the end of the course.

The group get the opportunity to work with freelance directors and arts practitioners (previously Tom Morris, Melly Still, Sally Cookson, Mike Shepherd and Emma Rice) to participate in the wider Bristol arts scene through collaborations and touring work nationally.

Now in its eleventh year, 2020-21’s Made in Bristol welcomes: Eve Biard, Natasha Cross, Ottivia Darlington-Roberts, Hannah Davies, Fifi Delaney, Osei Johnson, Jonah Kensett, Isabelle Knight, Jack Lord, Ciaran O’Brian, Lila Stewart and Peggy Sykes.

This collective, now named Owl on the Roof, began training at Bristol Old Vic in Sep 2020, collaborating in the rehearsal room and online. Come and see their debut show, 15 - 17 Jul 2021.

About Five Beautiful Things

Our Five Beautiful Things series shines a light on inspirational digital content that is free to access from artists working across the UK and beyond. Each monthly post will feature recommendations curated by a different Associate Artist at Bristol Old Vic.