Meet the characters from Arabian Nights

3 Nov 2023
Artwork: Rebecca Pitt

With only three weeks to go until our festive spectacular Arabian Nights flies into the theatre, we thought it was time to introduce you to the magical characters, created by writer Sonali Bhattacharyya, for this brand new production of a classic tale.


A remarkable girl from the kingdom, she possesses unparalleled bravery, wit and intelligence. Her courage often lands her in trouble, but her heart is always in the right place.

Schere is very determined and goodhearted. She's committed to fighting her cause using all the stories she has inherited from her mother and community.

She is mischievous, a little naïve and can really push her luck at times, but loves her family and takes great satisfaction in dazzling people with her stories (and her flying horse!)


A seasoned fisherman, coming from the very heart of the kingdom. He is father to Schere and Dina.

Maruf is under a lot of pressure, trying to keep his family together and safe. He has enormous love within but doesn't always know how to show it.


Frequently compared to her older sister Schere, she embodies practicality and kindness. 

While her sweet demeanor might deceive some, beneath her gentle exterior lies an astonishing mind. With a heart as kind as it is clever, Dina navigates the world with compassion, using her brilliance to create solutions.  


A headstrong native of the Lowlands, Rahiq now finds peace and contentment as a local florist in the bustling kingdom. 

After the recent loss of their partner, Rahiq, known for their stubborn determination, shoulders the responsibility of raising their daughter Ruqaya alone.  

Jafar - Vizier to The King

Jafar is The King's overworked and underappreciated chief advisor (and butler and secretary and beautician and political aide...).

Seemingly loyal to the King, he sees only too clearly the oppression of the citizens.

Behind his tough exterior beats a heart of gold.

The King

When he came to power. The King failed to understand the weight of his role and was unprepared for the responsibilities.

His heart, once capable of warmth, turned cold after heartbreak left him shattered.

Now, he walks through the world as a bitter, impulsive leader. Often erratic and emotional - he is one challenging ruler!

In his quest for love, he stumbles blindly, leaving those around him uncertain of what might happen next..


A feisty, spirited woman from Amaranthia, she defied society's expectations when she moved to the kingdom as a single mother with her daughter Zara.

She became the local firework seller, transforming her stall into a haven of joy.

Gulab's dazzling fireworks illuminate the kingdom's darkness, a testament to her strength and spirit.


Hailing from the rugged mountains, Maryam is the embodiment of wisdom and cunning. 

As the local builder and engineer, she shapes the kingdom with her intelligence and skill. 

Maryam is a hard worker, with good intentions who ultimately stands up for what's right.

Arabian Nights runs from 23 Nov 2023 – Sat 6 Jan. Find out more and book