How will it work? The show will be available to watch right here on this page, so bookmark it now. If you pre-order, you will be emailed on release day with a link to the show here. Any questions or tech issues, click here for the FAQ.

Pay What You Choose: To make our online work more accessible, we’re introducing a flexible pricing scheme for a number of events. Find out more about it here. Prices for this event are: £6 (Open Concession) / £10 (Standard) / £16 (Pay It Forward).

Favourites Box Set: This show is not included in the Favourites Box Set.

Access: The show is captioned.

Dates & Times

  • 10:00am
    Pre-order now. Watch 10-30 May.
  • 11:59pm
    Pre-order now. Watch 10-30 May.